Get an fan merchandise set signed by the Lochis and support the Tribute to Bambi Foundation

  • The Lochis, Roman Lochmann, Heiko Lochmann
  • Merchandise set Lochis
  • Signed T-Shirt the Lochis
  • Signed T-Shirt the Lochis
  • Merchandise set Lochis

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Merchandise set Lochis

Original signed fan article set by the Lochis

Roman and Heiko Lochmann, better known as "Die Lochis", are currently the most famous YouTube twins in Germany. Since 2011, her career has been characterized by steady success.

Product details:
• T-Shirt (Lieblingsshirt)
- signed on the front
- Size: XL women
- Color: light gray
• T-Shirt (Heiko and Roman Lochmann)
- Size: S
- Color: white
• signed album - "Zwillinge"
• signed autograph card

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With your donation you support the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation. In order to use the awareness around the media award BAMBI and the wish to help needy children, the idea for TRIBUTE TO BAMBI was born in 2001. The foundation promotes social causes for children and teenagers in Germany and calls the attention to subjects with low awareness in society.

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