Get a Schalke 04 VIP experience with S04 legend Ingo Anderbrügge and support Aktion Teamgeist e.V.

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Schalke 04 experience for 2 persons with S04 legend Ingo Anderbrügge!

Schalker fans primarily associate his "left hammer" with the name Ingo Anderbrügge. Spectacular long shots were the hallmark of the offensive left foot. But also the Eurofighter with the biggest triumph - winning the UEFA Cup victory in 1997 with Schalke 04! For the good cause, S04 legend has been involved for a long time and would now like to use the proceeds of the VIP experience to give disadvantaged children in different institutions perspectives. Following the motto: TRAINING LEARNING LIFE

Product details:
- In advance, a meet and Greet in Ingos football factory
- 2 x VIP tickets including lunch for a Schalke 04 home game at the VIP room "Schalker Markt" (will be checked individually) together with Ingo Anderbrügge.

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The Teamgeist e.V. campaigns for socially disadvantaged children and adolescents and wants to give them a social perspective through sport, especially football.

Since 1997 Ingo Anderbrügge runs a football school, which was later converted into the now registered name "football factory". For 10 years there is the action Team Spirit and in July 2015, this action was converted into an e.V.

The action Team Spirit pursues the idea to give each child the chance to hobby. Sport unites people and as the social divide in our society grows, they want to contribute to integration.

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