Get a exclusive trainer lesson by Barbara Rittner and support the Elhadj-Diouf-Foundation

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Barbara Rittner played over 50x in the main field of a Grand Slam in the course of her career! After 15 successful years, Barbara Rittner ended her career in 2004 as an active tennis player. Since 2005, she is Fed Cup team boss, since 2009 national coach at the German Tennis Association - the first national coach in the history of German tennis.

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- 1 exclusive training lesson with tennis coach Barbara Rittner
- Optionally by appointment in Cologne, Stuttgart or Kamen
- Learn tips and tricks from a professional

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The EDF is committed to ensuring that German-Senegalese youth is brought together as the foundation of a cultural bridge. For example, by enabling workshop encounters. There will be local support in education, medicine, nutrition, sports, music, so girls and boys can attend school. The learning conditions (school materials, rooms, tutoring, etc.) should be improved. Medical supplies in Kaolack are ensured, children are fed well and young people are offered perspectives to avoid the causes of flight. In addition, junior ambassadors are trained to sensitize their fellow human beings for ONE world.

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