Get a replica UEFA Champions League trophy signed by Jupp Heynckes and support Aktion Teamgeist e.V.

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Get a replica UEFA Champions League trophy signed by Jupp Heinkes

One of the most successful coaches has finally left the fooball stage this year. We are talking about Jupp Heynckes, who won the triple with FC Bayern Munich in 2013. The original signed UEFA Champions League trophy is an absolute rarity.

Product details:
• Replica of the trophy
• Original signature of Jupp Heynckes on the front
• Engraving: Josef "Jupp" Heynckes, -Champions League winner, Real Madrid 1998, Bayern Munich 2013
• Height about 60 cm
• Material: metal

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The Teamgeist e.V. campaigns for socially disadvantaged children and adolescents and wants to give them a social perspective through sport, especially football.

Since 1997 Ingo Anderbrügge runs a football school, which was later converted into the now registered name "football factory". For 10 years there is the action Team Spirit and in July 2015, this action was converted into an e.V.

The action Team Spirit pursues the idea to give each child the chance to hobby. Sport unites people and as the social divide in our society grows, they want to contribute to integration.

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