Get the signed football of the ranNFL moderators Coach Esume and Icke and support SOS Children´s Villages

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Get a football jersey from Floyd Jackson from the ranNFL TV spot signed by the ranNFL team!

Product details:
- Wilson Football original signed by Patrick Esume & Icke
- Original signed autograph card by Patrick Esume
- Original signed autograph card by Icke

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SOS Children's Villages supports children and families in 135 countries worldwide. Abroad, around 860,000 children and families from poor countries and crisis regions receive assistance from SOS Children's Villages, Family Strengthening Programs, Educational Institutions, Emergency Relief Programs and Social Centers. In Germany too, SOS Children's Villages helps young people who suffer from lack and neglect. You will find a new home in one of the 16 children's villages or professional support at one of the 230 locations in Germany. Help too, so that children all over the world can live a safe and secure life!

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