Meet & Greet with view behind the scenes at Galileo with Stefan Gödde Support the World Vision aid organization!

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Stefan Gödde a real Pro-Sieben-Primary rock - since almost 20 years he stands before the camera for munich's private broadcaster. He presented many succesfull TV-Shows, like "The voice of Germany", "Stars auf Eis" with Katarina Witt or even "The Next Uri Geller". He was honored with the "Goldenen Kamera" and the "Deutschen Fernsehpreis". Since 2009 Stefan and Aiman Abdallah are the faces of the famous knowledge Magazine "Galileo". He is a world explorer, nature lover, book author and is looking forward to giving you a behind the scenes tour at Galileo.

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Children in a lot of poor countries don't have it easy:
famine, bad state of Hygiene, a missing health care and hardly any acces to education shape their lives. Since 40 years the World Vision Germany is committed to ensuring to help children and their families to escape poverty, by help for self-help. Trough a child sponsorship World Vision enables a sponsored child to get permanent acces to clean water, healthy diet, medical care and education.

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