Get a original signed portrait by Lukas Podolski! and support Viva con Agua

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Original signed portrait by Lukas Podolski!

Star footballer Lukas Podolski is known not only for his outstanding technique and playing ability. In addition to the place Podolski also committed with full commitment and passion for social projects.

For the good cause, he now auctions a signed portrait of him painted by the artist Sebastian Mevissen. Sebastian is a professional airbrush artist who uses his spray gun to bring celebrities like Lukas Podolski or Mark Forster to the screen.

Product details:
- Signed by Lukas Podolski
- Artist: Sebastian Mevissen
- Dimensions: Landscape format with the length of 180cm and the height of 113cm
- artwork sealed with a high-quality natural wood effect paint

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Viva con Agua (VcA) de Santa Pauli e.V. is a non-profit association committed to ensuring that all people worldwide have access to clean drinking water. The water projects supported by VcA are sustainable and always include the sanitary and sanitary components to ensure access to clean drinking water.

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