Support Wings for Life and Win an exclusive computer from MAN-MADE that was assembled from the aluminum cargo of the KAMAZ-master truck with personal handover from the reigning Dakar champion!


  • Win an exclusive computer from MAN-MADE assembled from the body panels of KAMAZ truck used at the Dakar Rally 2021
  • Win an online meet & greet with the reigning Dakar winner – Dmitry Sotnikov
  • Seek the chance of getting one of ten limited mechanical keyboards from HyperX Alloy Origins CORE by MAN-MADE and autograph cards from Dmitry Sotnikov

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Dear motorsport friends,

with your support for the Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation you now have a chance to win a computer from the aluminum cargo of the KAMAZ-master truck with a personal online handover by the reigning Dakar winner Dmitry Sotnikov.

The computer was exclusively made by MAN-MADE from the absolutely unique body panels of our rally truck, with a value of over 10,000€.

In addition to the computer, you'll also get a chance to win one of the ten limited mechanical
keyboards by HyperX, that are also decorated with body panel parts from the legendary racing truck.

Special features:
- PC, looking like a real KAMAZ truck
- The Winners unforgettable experience will include a personal online handover of the main
prize by Dmitry Sotnikov!

For more information about the computer & keyboard click here:

100% of the money raised by the Wings for Life Foundation will be used to fund high-class spinal cord research.

We wish you good luck and are looking forward to your participation!

Sincerely yours,
Dmitry Sotnikov and KAMAZ-master Team


The not-for-profit and state recognized research foundation, Wings for Life has set itself the goal of finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

Since 2004, with the help of donations from individuals and companies, Wings for Life has been funding promising research projects and clinical studies to heal the injured spinal cord.

There is justified hope for healing traumatic spinal cord injury. For science is unanimous: injured nerve cells in the spinal cord are capable of regeneration. Even though a cure is not yet possible, steady progress is being made, giving affected people hope for an improvement in the quality of life and the prospect of recovery.

Wings for Life has funded 259 research projects to increase the chances that the diagnosis of “spinal cord injury” will be a thing of the past.

Find more information here:

Current Donors

  • IgorS1 € 10,-
  • Marco941 € 10,-
  • DenissS € 25,-
  • VladimirB1 € 10,-
  • MikaR € 10,-
  • Никита € 50,-
  • Константин € 10,-
  • AntonU1 € 50,-
  • sinuna € 50,-
  • BrivioR € 10,-
  • Архипчук926 € 100,-
  • Михаил € 10,-
  • DennisS9 € 10,-
  • Lama970 € 10,-
  • Сергей € 10,-
  • PeterM10 € 10,-
  • Артем € 10,-
  • WalterK4 € 10,-
  • ArkadyG € 10,-
  • Михаил € 10,-
  • GerdR € 50,-
  • ArturM1 € 10,-
  • Евгений597 € 10,-
  • VitaliiB € 10,-
  • KostiantynL € 25,-
  • AntonY € 10,-
  • Артём516 € 10,-
  • Дмитрий € 10,-
  • NataliaP € 15,-
  • Андрей € 10,-
  • VyacheslavS € 10,-
  • Вера € 10,-
  • MatthiasO4 € 25,-
  • Толя257 € 10,-
  • StephanB9 € 10,-
  • DmitriyD € 10,-
  • Павел50 € 25,-
  • RuslanN € 10,-
  • Михаил € 10,-
  • AdamR1 € 10,-
  • RomanT1 € 10,-

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