Artists for Kids Charity Event
Artists for Kids Girl paints a work of art


  • Building a network for kids and their families
  • Creating trust and opening up prospects
  • Furthering strengths and artistic gifts for an independent life
  • Fördern von Stärken und Begabungen für ein selbstständiges Leben

ARTISTS FOR KIDS is a creative aid project for children and young people which supports families undergoing difficult times and acute crisis. The basic idea is to augment the work of publicly-financed youth services by integrating personalities from all walks of life and business into the aid process. Our committed educational team offers individual development and promotional help for disadvantaged children, young people and their parents to overcome problems and open up fresh prospects.

ARTISTS FOR KIDS was established with completely fresh ideas in mind in 1999 by film producers Bernd Eichinger and Thomas Peter Friedl and the educational team.

In close cooperation with, and tasked by, the Munich City Youth Service, ARTISTS FOR KIDS continuously provides very intensive support for over 100 children and young people under a program of "ambulant educational aid". The school project enables 15 schoolchildren each year to retake their final exams and then find a good apprenticeship via our training projects. ARTISTS FOR KIDS also offers a number of sporting and creative projects and exciting competitions for all Munich kids as part of its program of preventive measures and leisure activities.

So far, over 3,500 children, young people and families have received intensive support from our educational team, and been helped in getting a career start and overcoming difficult phases in their lives.