Team of the Crespo Foundation

Our aim is to give backing to people during the decisive phases of their personality development, and motivate them to assume responsibility for themselves and others.

  • Our "Family“ focal point aims to bolster families with babies and small children in their effort to give these a good start in life.
  • Our "Education Support“ focal point aims to bolster people seeking to improve their personal development by helping them in their schooling and work training.
  • Our "Aesthetic Education“ focal point concentrates on measures helping children and young people discover and develop their creative potential.
  • Our "Art“ focal point supports young artists in their professional development.

Our work is mainly at an operative level, concentrating on the Frankfurt am Main region. Here, we promote the setting up of long-term support measures which are urgently needed, modeled jointly with cooperation partners so the measures can also be put into effect at other locations without too much initial effort.