Cultural promotion of children and young people

  • Creative leisure activities instead of computers, mobile phones and social media
  • Fun with music, language and dance
  • Introduction to the world of Hip Hop
  • School workshops and theatre projects

The association DeluxeKidz e.V. was founded in 2013 by Samy Sorge, better known under his stage name Samy Deluxe.
Samy is one of the most successful German Hip Hop artists, who stands above all for socially critical song lyrics and social commitment. Samy Deluxe uses his popularity and experience and has been involved in various social projects for children and young people for years.

With the help of DeluxeKidz, children and young people should get the chance to let off steam in the world of Hip Hop and - in times of digitalisation - to be shown alternatives to leisure activities with smartphones, computers and social media.
The kids are introduced to music, language, dance, the performing and visual arts in order to arouse their interest in creativity, initiate team building processes and strengthen their self-confidence by promoting their skills.