Let's make Germany a place for children!

  • Provide children in need with a perspective and voice in our society
  • Sustainable help for children and young people in poverty
  • Promotion of cultural education and children's rights

In Germany, too many children grow up under bad starting conditions: Every fifth child in this country is affected by poverty. The German Children's Fund wants children to develop their strengths and talents - regardless of their background or social status. In a rich country like ours, all children should have the same opportunities.

Needy children often feel like social outsiders
What chances someone has of having a good education, how well children are supported by financially disadvantaged families, and how great the risk is of leaving school without leaving school, still strongly depends on the family background. Children from a low-income home less frequently attend high school than the offspring of high earners. They are less trusted by teachers and their environment. Due to the stressful situation at home, they can also concentrate less on the school.

Promoting children means helping them out of poverty
Well-founded education is especially important for children from needy families, because it is the central way out of poverty. But educational success is not possible for all people alike. Regular school visits, tutoring, extracurricular music or physical education - all contribute to good education. But that's exactly what costs money. Money missing every fifth child in Germany.

The German Children's Fund makes children strong
The German Children's Fund makes children strong and enforces their rights, such as the right to education, school and vocational training. Every year, the German Children's Fund distributes about 2,000 school bags filled with writing materials, notebooks, drinking bottles and sports bags to children from low-income families. So they can start school life under the same conditions as other children. With 725 euros, the German Children's Fund can award five satchels including school materials that many families would otherwise not be able to afford.