Intercultural encounters of young people from Germany and Senegal

  • Encounters of young people at school and community level
  • promotion of education, encounter and perspectives in Senegal and Germany
  • By getting to know each other and understanding other cultures we can get closer to the goal of the ONE world
  • support in education, medicine, nutrition, sports and music

It all started in 2012 with the idea of initiating a penpalship between pupils from Osterode (Germany, Lower Saxony) and students from Kaolack (Senegal) in French lessons. This resulted in projects on various topics. The goals were always the encounters of young people from both countries, who wanted to shape the future and reduce prejudices.
The goal was to establish a foundation to promote education, encounter and perspectives in Senegal and Germany. The drive of the EDF Foundation has always been to train junior ambassadors for ONE World that report on real Europe or Africa, participating in society and inspiring others to participate. The foundation has already been in existence for almost six years, 14 joint meetings have been realized, there are many participants on both sides and diverse ideas for the future.
The EDF is committed to ensuring that ...
  ... the German-Senegalese youth is brought together as the foundation of a cultural bridge, z. By facilitating workshop encounters.
... local support in education, medicine, nutrition, sports, music ... takes place with it
  ... girls and boys can attend school (school fees, transport),
  ... the learning conditions (school materials, rooms, tutoring etc.) are improved,
  ... the medical care in Kaolack is ensured,
  ... children are fed well.
  ... to offer young people perspectives in order to avoid the causes of flight.
... training junior ambassadors who sensitize their fellow human beings for ONE world.