• Sustainable cleanups that collect trash from the environment
  • Taking responsibility for healthy oceans
  • Closing the loop and promoting infrastructure
  • Promotion of environmental education

The everwave community e.V. has a big vision: to create a responsible and enthusiastic society for healthy oceans and long-term conservation.

With the help of Plastic Credits, everwave's activities create direct added value: for 1 Euro (netto), 1kg of trash is collected from waters worldwide. 1kg less trash that can thus no longer cause harm to the environment.

As a champion of nature, everwave believes in preserving the beauty and health of the planet for future generations. Therefore, all efforts to clean up rivers and shores always have one goal: to improve the natural ecosystem. With the active cleanup, everwave thus also cares about protecting wildlife, improving water quality, supporting local communities and preserving the ocean. Not to forget: it is also actively working against climate change.

everwave already has a strong community, and every voice is crucial in advocating for the trash problem and actively supporting everwave in collecting trash from water bodies.