Help those who are suffering most in Malawi

  • Thiago leads the charity initiative "Football Experience" in favor of poor children in Malawi, a country in the heart of Africa
  • Help children, that they have enough food for an entire year and indirectly protect their education
  • We offer them help so that they can have a better life
  • Football and children are protagonists of the charity initiative

For years, the nongovernmental organization Zikkomo assists in the implementation of the program of daily feeding of schools in Malawi. In addition, they support the construction of schools and orphanages in one of the poorest countries in Africa!

The spanish national player Thiago Alcántara has taken a heart and started the charity initiative "Football Experience", which has the football and children as protagonists. Together with Zikkomo, they are giving about 350 pupils in the rural school in Chibwere new quality of life, better nutrition and education.

Many of the children in this country go to school without having eaten anything, and sharing likuni Cup phala (very nutritious porridge made from flour corn, soybeans, nuts and sugar) has become the best incentive for keep schooling.

Great success has already been shown at the first tournament of „Thiago Alcántara's Football Experience"! In Barcelona, a football tournament was organized for children between 10 and 13 years old. In total 350 children took part in the tournament. Together with the attendants there were about 1,000 participants.

With the money raised in this first edition of "Thiago Alcántara's Football Experience" better food and better education is promoted for all the children in Chibwere.