New perspectives through sports

  • Support for socially disadvantaged children with the help of sport
  • Gaining confidence and motivation for education
  • Sustainability and positive energy for kids

Laureus Sport for Good is a worldwide movement that brings people together and connects them through the power of sport. Through social sports projects, the foundation addresses current social challenges and has been working for social change since its inception.

One of these social projects is the Frodeno Fun(d), which was founded by Triahtlon star Jan Frodeno in Girona, with the task of positively influencing the lives of socially disadvantaged children in the socially deprived area of the Salt district with the help of sport and above all with the "tool" of the bicycle.

The aim is to provide young people with a fun and safe environment where they can gain confidence and motivation for their education through sport. The Pumptrack in Salt is well on its way to becoming a centre for a sustainable, positively charged meeting place for children and young people. The important thing here is to get them off the streets after school and to give them a new perspective with the help of bicycles and to break down prejudices.

Since its launch in spring 2021, it has been very well received in the community and schools. Hundreds of children take up the offer every week. During school hours as part of the lessons, but also after school. The first results have also been seen, as petty crime has dropped in Salt.

The project is run by a small team in Girona. With the support of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, the Frodeno Fun(d) has a dream partner - one with experience, expertise and a network that the local team gratefully draws on.