Giovane Elber plays with children
Children of the Giovane Elber Foundation

Association for support of Brazilian street children

  • Give children the chance for dignified life.
  • Education instead of alms, help for self-help and love and care for poor and neglected children
  • Donations go 100% to the projects

Brazilian success story with starting point in Winterbach.
On 31.8.1994 the Association for the support of Brazilian Street Children eV was founded by six senior football players and Giovane Elber. Since 24.11.2008 a foundation attached. Chairman of club and foundation is the popular and successful ex-football professional Giovane Elber. Marked by his own childhood and education, he does not want to accept the misery of street children. He wants to give them a chance to live a decent life. Education instead of alms, help for self-help and love and care for poor and neglected children is their motto. All collected donations will go into the projects 100%, as the board members pay the administrative costs out of their own pocket.

The foundation is happy about donations and support of any kind.
Again and again companies or private individuals are looking for a serious and good project that they can support. The Giovane Elber Foundation offers just that. Poverty reduction is an important task and education an elementary human right. Giovane and the Foundation are building schools, daycare centers in slums, and giving the poorest of the poor a chance at education and a decent life. Meanwhile, they also support a children's cancer clinic by setting up a chemotherapy ward, saving the lives of many children.Not only companies, entrepreneurs and doctors have donated to the benefit of the Foundation, but also clubs, church groups, families, young people and sometimes even children. In addition, they now have supporters who send them monthly fixed amounts by standing order or support them through child sponsorships. If you do not know what to give your sweetheart for your birthday, wedding or other occasions, because they have almost everything, donate in their name a smaller or larger amount of money to the children in Londrina, who have nothing or almost nothing.