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Online counseling for young people in mental distress

  • On jugendnotmail.de offers the association jungundjetzt e.V. children and adolescents in mental distress a confidential and free online consultation by professionals.
  • Since the founding of the association, more than 110,000 emergency mails have been answered.
  • The purpose and aim of the project is to provide children and young people with help and support in the resolution of life crisis - via their preferred medium Internet.
  • JugendNotmail provides young people with uncomplicated advice and help in emergency situations.

jungundjetzt e.V., founded in 2001, is a non-profit association that offers young people in Germany an online consultation on many issues of adolescents via the jugendnotmail.de website - around the clock, confidentially and free of charge.

Young people often have no contact person for their problems, needs and fears. Often they are ashamed of their thoughts and feelings, afraid to be misunderstood or even rejected. So they keep their worries to themselves, which can become more and more stressful with time, up to behavioral problems and mental illnesses. But to whom can children and adolescents in need turn if they do not dare to go to a counseling center or are ashamed to talk about their problems?

At jugendnotmail.de children and young people can entrust their worries to a professional consulting team. More than 110 qualified professionals such as psychologists and social workers work as volunteers for the association and advise on topics such as depression, self-harm, violence, mobbing, abuse, family problems and more. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, young people have the opportunity to participate in the weekly theme chat and to exchange ideas in the forum.

Every month, up to 1,000 emergency calls arrive and the number of new mails from advice-seeking young people is constantly increasing. The counseling service jugendnotmail.de was one of the first online consultations in the German-speaking area and the constantly growing number of notices shows how useful this work is.