Kinder und Jugendhaus Funk - boy together with a dog
Kinder und Jugendhaus Funk - girl rides a horse

Enabling children to determine their own future through a sense of security

  • Helping and protecting traumatized children in a secure environment
  • Family-style care from specialized educationalists
  • Building trust and security to give children back their self-confidence and contentment

For more than 35 years the Kinder- und Jugendhaus Funk has given traumatized children a home in which they can win back their self-confidence and make sense of their lives. The Kinderheim360, as it was then known, was founded in 1979 by Gudrun and Ludwig Funk, and handed over in 20006 to their daughter.

Here, traumatized and mentally- and physically-abused children and young people who have been denied a good start in life can grow up in a protected and loving atmosphere.

The home offers family-style care in a loving atmosphere, presently employing educationalists with extra qualifications in pedagogic and trauma nursing, and who have at their disposal a variety of aids for individual care, such as music classes or animal support therapy using dogs and horses. The animals enable young people to learn how to bond with other living creatures. The animals make no demands, simply giving the youngsters affection and warmth.

Sport is another important part of the concept. It helps counter movement and motor deficiencies, and also gives youngsters something different to do, supporting the healing process and encouraging a zest for life.

But especially important is giving them a good education - the basis for their getting on in life. No matter where the young people have come from or what they have experienced, Ms Funk and her team do their best day in and day out to give back a happy future to these wonderful youngsters who could not help what happened to them in their past.

The children are given a feeling of warmth and security, and help to overcome their past through a program of trauma-pedagogic support.

The aim of the children’s home is to give each child fair chance to enjoy a secure and happy future.