Commitment to respect, tolerance and fairness

  • Open child, youth and leisure work
  • Integration and prevention as important starting points
  • Combining sport and socio-educational work

The MitternachtsSport e.V. is a social youth project, whose great speciality is the close fusion between the medium of sport and intensive socio-educational work.

The areas of sport, social affairs, integration, prevention and education are a special focus of the association, the communication of important values such as respect, tolerance and fairness is achieved through sport.
As a non-profit and recognized free carrier of the youth welfare service MitternachtsSport e.V. stands up for young people.
Integration and participation of the young people are promoted with free sports, leisure and educational offers.
The association would like to give children and young people sufficient impulses and opportunities to grow up healthy and active and thus have a fair chance to develop and unfold in the best possible way.
Creating opportunities for young people regardless of their origin, cultural background or possible restrictions and enabling them to develop positively mentally, emotionally and physically are the goals of the association.