With the power of soccer

  • SAFE PLACE: For children in need. Help, unbureaucratic and fast.
  • FOOTBALL PITCH: Meeting point, starting point and meeting place for socially disadvantaged young people.
  • EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION: Care and educational programs for children and youth.

The OLIVER KAHN FOUNDATION supports the worldwide establishment of safe hubs to motivate and encourage socially disadvantaged children and young people with the power of soccer. Each center is considered a safe place and has a soccer field as well as an educational facility and is provided with a coaching program and coaches, with whose support the young people are encouraged in their personal development.

The coaching program takes up the basic humanistic idea of a holistic education and upbringing and is based on the code of values and the life path of Oliver Kahn. Uniform quality standards, a common philosophy, continuous training of the young people, monitoring of the coaching program implementation and evaluation of progress ensure the quality assurance of the Safe-Hubs and are the prerequisite for making socially disadvantaged young people sustainably strong.

The aim of the foundation is to guide people and especially young people to recognize, define, implement and live perspectives, visions and goals under the motto - Making Young People Strong. The foundation offers assistance in the sustainable implementation of self-imposed goals. To this end, the foundation develops its own programs at national and international level, carries out projects and training courses, and also supports and promotes existing and new programs run by third parties that focus in particular on the topics of motivation, mental strength and dealing with defeat.

The purpose of the foundation is realized through the following measures on a national and international level:
Development and implementation of own programs and projects, support and promotion of programs of tax-privileged corporations or of legal entities under public law, cooperation with third parties, in particular with schools, universities, other foundations and other possible cooperation partners dealing with topics within the scope of the foundation's purpose and publications.