Support children and families with rare Diseases

  • Comprehensive support management for those affected, right after the diagnosis
  • Development of new drugs and alternative therapies
  • Health promotion program ELFEN HELP as coaching and management for parents and partners of those affected

Orphanhealthcare is the first foundation for "Rare Diseases" to provide affected families with a holistic and sustainable program. The in 2010 of Dr. Frank Grossmann founded foundation, improves the quality of life of children and families.

The program ELFEN HELFEN ®
stands for Advice - Accompaniment - Empowerment - Inclusion.

When a child suffers from a rare disease, the life of the whole family changes within an instant. Emotions, thoughts and the so-called "normal everyday life" suddenly become a daily stress test and a permanent fight. A sick child is now particularly dependent on the parents, although mother and father often urgently needed even stop.
In order to provide specific support to affected families, we have launched the ELFEN HELFEN® funding program. Playfully, children and adults get access to rare diseases through our comic book and cuddly toys. The comic heroes come alive and playfully facilitate a deeper examination of one's own illness. They encourage and build the inclusion bridge to other children.

Orphanhealthcare also supports families in Germany and Austria.