Philipp Lahm is passionately committed to his foundation
Philipp Lahm summer camp

Educational programmes for socially disadvantaged children and young people

  • Supporting children and young people in discovering and developing their individual abilities
  • Promoting the integration of children and young people with a migration background
  • Promotion of educational programmes

The Philipp Lahm Foundation supports projects and initiatives in Germany and Africa - particularly in South Africa - that use sport as a sustainable tool to convey social values and promote the education of children and young people. In particular, young people from underprivileged families and backgrounds are to be supported.

Shaken by a visit to the townships of South Africa in the summer of 2007, Philipp Lahm recognised the need to help himself and offer others a platform to help. Philipp Lahm has made it his mission to support disadvantaged children and young people in the areas of sport and education, both in Germany and in South Africa.

Many children and young people in Africa and also in Germany have no access to sport and education. The Philipp Lahm Foundation aims to provide a counterbalance. With carefully selected projects, it supports children and young people in the field of sport and education in Africa and Germany.

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