• Helping children and adolescents for over 100 years
  • Professional counseling for adolescents and parents
  • Training courses on the topics of new media, promotion of financial literacy as well as job application training and coaching
  • Targeted programs for the recreational activities of children and adolescents

For over 100 years, Pro Juventute has been supporting children and young people with their parents on their way to becoming self-determined and responsible personalities. The foundation provides direct and effective help with a wide range of services. Every year, over 300,000 children and young people and almost 140,000 parents in Switzerland benefit from this.

Pro Juventute supports children, adolescents and young adults so that they can develop an authentic identity, healthy self-confidence and an awareness of values. We fight to ensure that young people have a say in issues that affect them and that they have equitable opportunities.

Pro Juventute is committed to ensuring that children and young people in Switzerland:

• receive counseling and help when necessary so that they can grow up psychologically healthy.

• have a say in issues that affect them.

• can start their lives happily and their parents receive advice when they need it.

• can deal competently with media and are protected from dangers in the digital world.

• master the transition from school to working life.

All programs from Pro Juventute:

Present in all regions of Switzerland
To ensure that as many children, young people and their families as possible receive support and help, Pro Juventute is present in all parts of Switzerland with regional offices.