Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House Charities


  • Helping seriously ill children and their families
  • Families of seriously ill children find long-term accommodation in 22 Ronald McDonald homes - 5 "oases" serve as little retreats within the hospitals
  • Every individual person can play a part in helping create a more humane society
  • The closeness of the families essentially supports a faster healing of the little patients

McDonald’s Kinderhilfe, a non-profit-making charitable organization, has been operating since 1987 in furthering the recovery and wellbeing of sick children. McDonald’s Kinderhilfe seeks to make a meaningful additional contribution to the state health service, specifically to help seriously ill children and their families.

Children are the future of our society, and McDonald’s Kinderhilfe promotes their health and wellbeing with three programs: Families find long-term accommodation in the 22 Ronald McDonald homes countrywide next to clinics where their sick children are being treated; McDonald’s Kinderhilfe also operates 5 Ronald McDonald Oases as family retreats next to the children’s clinics; and it has a promotional program supporting selected initiatives and projects which help the recovery and wellbeing of children in need.

Together we’re strong: From the outset, McDonald’s Kinderhilfe has been able to rely on the support it gets from McDonald’s and its franchise-holders. In addition, other firms and a host of celebrities, private individuals and promoters contribute to the foundation’s success.