Schalke hilft! Charity Projects
Schalke hilft! Charity Project

Fast, unbureaucratic and direct help for people from Gelsenkirchen, the Ruhr area and international regions

  • Club Family: The club is very active during matchdays in the Stadtion, so that even socially weaker people can participate in club life.
  • Activity: The lives of the people in Gelsenkirchen and beyond are to be positively influenced positively over the sportive and creative component.
  • Togetherness: Here responsibility is taken over and a common togetherness is designed
  • Perspective: It aims to provide perspective and help for self-help, so that not the social background on the rise of a talent decides.

The club's success is based on the traditional values of its homeland and mining, where team spirit, solidarity, reliability and personal responsibility form the basis of the community.

At Schalke these values were and are lived in the common passion for football and sport.

They want to use the power of their association and the fascination of sport to give weight to these values even today, to spark new social forces through them and with them.

The club, members, fans, employees and partners join together to shape the future together. In Gelsenkirchen, in the Ruhr area and beyond.

With his power, Schalke 04 wants to inspire people, promote them, spark their passion and make our society more liveable.

We are all Schalke hilft!