• Support for children living in poverty (approximately 2.6 million)
  • Projects tailored to sport, health and education
  • Direct donations possible via online charity platform
  • Knowing that your help will arrive directly

Many children in our society do not have it so good. This is especially so for the 2.6 million children in Germany aged 16 and under who live in poverty - and their number is increasing daily. This means about 20 per cent of all young people under 18.

Over the past two years, swop-it has set up the first Germany-wide, IT-based charity platform aimed at giving the necessary support to children living below the poverty level. It’s help that arrives directly.

swop-it collects from throughout the country children’s articles which are in good condition (clothes, books, toys, sports equipment etc.) which are then distributed under a fixed system directly to needy families and charitable organizations. Other donated articles are sold by swop-it at very reasonable conditions via an online shop operating under the slogan "Favorite Things At Favorable Prices“. The offer is open to all-comers. The proceeds - once operating costs are deducted - then flow back into charitable works - e.g. swop-it-financed children’s sport camps run by specially chosen partners, or visits to doctors, or helping parents by paying for urgently-needed sport clubs, meals etc.

A special feature set up by swop-it is its direct donation platform: Needy users can fill out a list online of what they urgently require. The list can contain four products (e.g. trousers, pullover, T-shirt, scooter) shown for sale in the swop-it online shop. Willing donors can then step in to buy one or more of the products, which swop-it then sends directly to the needy family. The want lists are designated by region, enabling donors to determine the town or region where their donations end up.

What makes swop-it operate so effectively?

- People from many social levels share the same network.
- Support for needy families and children arrives directly, with no detours.
- It’s environmentally friendly.
- The direct donation tool means donations can be directed locally and accountably.
- Shop proceeds flow exclusively into charitable projects.
- The direct donation tool means every donor decides the region where he or she would like to help.
- swop-it is a guaranteed charitable operation.
- Health, education and sport are promoted. Equal opportunity is improved.

swop-it honor: In 2015 swop-it became an EU promotion project, based on its charitable and progressive approach to creating Germany-wide networking of the various levels of society.