Together for Burundi

  • Creating career prospects for people in need
  • Launching innovative projects
  • Creating a future together

The Thilo Kehrer Foundation is committed to the education and promotion of young people, youth welfare and sport.
The focus is particularly on Burundi, the homeland of Kehrer's mother. Burundi, which lies between Tanzania, Congo and Uganda, is one of the poorest countries in the world. With the help of donations, the aim is to give young people in this country marked by civil wars, terror and political tensions a perspective and create a positive future through active help.

The first project will be the establishment of the Thilo Kehrer Center. This will create a meeting place where pupils can develop and implement their own professional perspectives with the help of specialists. However, it is also a protected public space for children and young people, who can exchange ideas here at any time.

Regardless of their social background. The Thilo Kehrer Center's services range from specialist lectures, tutoring and support for start-ups to Internet access, language courses and a library. You too can help!