Eva Padberg with the winner Johanna
Eva, the winner and her friend
Eva and the director of VIPrize handing over the € 500.- voucher

It was a wonderful day!

Johanna, the lucky winner of the VIPrize promotion featuring Eva Padberg for the McDonald's Children's charity, has received her top prize.

Johanna and the person she chose to accompany her came specially from Konstanz for the meeting. The Ingolstadt Village venue saw the promotion winner enjoy a day's shopping, including a €500 voucher, with the personable Eva Padberg. And that wasn't all: Eva spontaneously invited the winner and her accompanying person to an evening event featuring more celebrities from the world of fashion and television. This particular day also saw Ingolstadt Village celebrate its Christmas charity promotion in aid of UNICEF's Schools for Africa project.

"I had a great day out," enthused Johanna after almost six hours in Ingolstadt Village before traveling back home laden with bags of shopping and some unforgettable memories.