Thomas Morgenstern with Volker and Silke in front of his helicopter
The spectacular view from the cockpit
Two happy winners in front of the legendary ski jump in Kulm


Three-time Olympic champion, eight-time world champion and now helicopter pilot. Ski jumping legend Thomas Morgenstern lives extreme sports like no other. And it was precisely this passion that he shared with Winner and Volker and his wife Silke at the legendary ski flying event at Kulm in Austria.

On Saturday, 28.01.2023, the time had finally come: as VIP guests, Volker and Silke went to the ski flying at the ski jump in Kulm. For both of them it was the first ski jumping event they could watch live. Despite snowfall, the atmosphere on site was incredible. The fans from all over the world who had come along heated up the audience and created a great atmosphere. The jumps were also impressive: Norwegian Granerud landed in first place on the podium with incredible jumps of 238 and 231 meters. Austrian Stefan Kraft came in second - much to the delight of the winners, who are both from Austria. An all-round successful day with the perfect finish.

Back at the hotel, it was time to prepare for the next morning, because that's where the real highlight took place.
At around half past midnight, Volker and Silke returned to the legendary Kulm ski jump, where ski jumping legend Thomas Morgenstern was already waiting for them in his AIRBUS H125/B3 helicopter. Strapped firmly into the seat and equipped with a headset, they were off high into the Alps. Thanks to the great weather we had unbelievable views over the mountain ranges and could marvel at the beautiful snowy landscape from a completely new perspective. In addition to ski resorts, summit crosses and a reservoir, the ski jump was also marveled at from above-a truly unforgettable experience.

After just under 40 minutes, the two winners returned to the ground - thrilled by this incredible experience, which they hope they will never forget.

Thanks to Volker's donation to the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, he was not only able to experience an unforgettable day in the air, but also supports an international aid organization that teaches disadvantaged children the values of sport.

We thank you Volker for your great donation and hope that you will always remember your VIPrize experience with Thomas!

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