Winner Terry and his wife together with ice hockey star Leon Draisaitl.
Two lucky winners in Canada.
The Rogers Place-home of the Edmonton Oilers.


Hockey is my favourite season!

In Canada and the USA alone, a total of 32 teams play for the Stanley Cup every year in the NHL. Right in the middle of it all: German ice hockey star Leon Draisaitl, who has been playing for the Canadian Edmonton Oilers team since 2014.

And it was precisely him that winner Terry and his wife were able to meet in Canada. Thanks to his donation to Laureus Sport for Good, he was given the opportunity to meet Leon at his home game against the Los Angeles Kings at Rogers Place and experience an exciting NHL game live.

On 28 March 2024, it was finally "GO OILERS" for both of them! The prize included 2 tickets for the Edmonton Oilers home game against the Los Angeles Kings at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada. In a great game with a great atmosphere, the Oilers won 4:1 and Leon made a big contribution to the NHL play-off race with no less than 3 assists.

On the second day of their unforgettable adventure, an exclusive meet & greet with Leon Draisaitl himself awaited them at the Oilers' training centre. Terry enthusiastically shared that Leon Draisaitl was extremely accommodating. He made time for her, signed her jerseys and even an Oilers logo that a friend's son made in his workshop. His professionalism impressed them deeply and made the experience very special.

For winner Terry, this experience in Canada was an absolute dream come true. Thanks to his donation in favour of Laureus Sport for Good, he was finally able to meet ice hockey star Leon Draisaitl in person and experience an NHL game live. A big thank you goes to Terry for his generous donation. We would also like to thank Leon for his commitment and time and wish him all the best for the rest of the season.

Thanks to the great donations, we can now support programmes that teach disadvantaged children the values of sport: Fairness, consideration, respect and responsibility.

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