Johanna on sightseeing tour through Berlin.
Johanna together with Heiko und Roman Lochmann


Meet the Lochis and ask them everything you always wanted to know - for our winner Johanna this dream came true.

Together with her father Florian they traveled to our beautiful capital Berlin. After a short check-in into the reserved hotel, which invited to a beautiful panoramic view of the city, they went off for a small sightseeing tour.
Around the Alexanderplatz over the Spree to the Berlinale and the old museum - every beautiful spot in Berlin was visited. Due to the long drive and the exploration tour in the afternoon, both were very exhausted in the evening but full of anticipation for the next day.

On Sunday morning it was finally time for the main event: a meeting with Roman and Heiko- also known as the "Lochis".
The excitement grew from minute to minute and increased immeasurably when they arrived at the agreed meeting point.

Then it was finally time and Max, the manager of the Lochis arrived and got the two boys out of their rooms. The first meeting was very positive. Heiko and Roman were both super friendly and easy going.
They answered all of Johanna's questions, signed the stuff she had brought with her, and even shot a TikTok with her at the end.

If it had been up to the two of them, the meeting could have gone on even longer - but unfortunately that wasn't possible due to scheduling reasons.

In spite of everything, a dream came true for Johanna and she experienced an unforgettable day with her Heros, which she will remember forever.

We thank you Johanna and Anja for your donation to the Tribute to Bambi Foundation, which supports aid projects for children and young people throughout Germany and draws attention to issues that are not heard enough in society.
So donating is rewarded - in all directions!

A big thank you also from your VIPrize team and hopefully see you soon.