VfB experience with a happy ending

For the Bundesliga match against Schalke 04, Simone and her husband started their trip in the early morning to the Mercedes Benz Arena in beautiful Stuttgart.

The experience was started with an exclusive stadium tour. With a funny tour guide, Simone and her husband had lot of fun and the chance to take a look behind the scenes. For example, they took a seat on the coaching bench, walked through the player's tunnel and also got the chance to see the prepared locker room before the start of the match.

After the stadium tour, Simone and her husband fortified themselves in the VIP lounge with delicious food before finally going to the match. VfB Stuttgart did not have their best day against Schalke 04 and lost 2-0 at the end.

After the match, both were visibly disapppointed. But their mood changed quickly, because they had the exclusive opportunity to exchange views with the VfB stars in front of the looker room and to take souvenir photos. A highlight for Simone, of course, was the winning picture with Mario Gomez…what an incredible feeling to be so close to your stars!

The donations from Simone and all participants went to the VfBfairplay Foundation. The VfB thus makes a further contribution that the inclusive football is promoted throughout the state of Baden-Württemberg. People with handicap receive a regular football promotion. They should thus find their way into the local clubs easier and be supported in this way.

Thank you Simone for your great support for the good cause!

With your donation, you have also made a fantastic contribution for helping disadvantaged people!