Together against cancer

  • Support for cancer patients
  • New impetus in cancer research
  • Improving the treatment of cancer patients

About half of the German population develops cancer in the course of their lives. The number of new cases in Germany is around 510,000 people per year. The chances of cure have improved considerably over the last three decades. Nevertheless, the number of new cancer cases has been increasing continuously for decades and poses enormous challenges for the health care system in Germany.

Helping people with cancer and their relatives is the most important task of German Cancer Aid. In order to improve the care of those affected and to support them with advice and help, it promotes numerous projects and initiatives. The aim of German Cancer Aid is to take the horror out of cancer step by step.

German Cancer Aid is financed exclusively by donations and voluntary contributions from the public. Public funds are not available to it. This makes the willingness of citizens to donate all the more important. It helps German Cancer Aid to fulfil its tasks and thus to finance trend-setting projects.

German Cancer Aid invests a large part of the donations in research projects. German Cancer Aid is the most important private donor in the field of cancer research in Germany. Always with an eye on the future: Research findings must quickly benefit patients. The aim is to give more and more people with cancer a chance of being cured.