Care from diagnosis to death

  • Securing the medical and therapeutic care of young patients
  • Comprehensive care for siblings and parents
  • Relief in everyday life, as well as financial support and assistance with the authorities

Since 2004, the foundation Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München (AKM) has been caring for seriously and life-threatening ill children, adolescents, young adults and parents with minors and their families as well as seriously ill parents with minors in their households.

Currently, more than 400 families throughout Bavaria are cared for in hospital and at home from the time of diagnosis of the illness until after death. The team of full-time doctors, therapists, midwives, nurses and social workers is supported by over 300 volunteers in the areas of crisis intervention, family and grief counseling. The aim is to provide families with a firm support in these difficult times and to give them moments of security, safety and normality. Since 2018, the foundation has also been offering contact points for victims in the region: The center in Inning am Ammersee is responsible for the area of southwestern Upper Bavaria, Rosenheim for the area of southeastern Upper Bavaria and Landshut for Lower Bavaria.

In addition to shorter distances for families and helpers, the employees can adapt local care to individual needs and, among other things, be on the spot more quickly in emergencies. This service of the AKM Foundation is free of charge for those affected, but each family incurs annual expenses of €6,500. Since only ¼ of the foundation's work is supported by health insurance companies, approximately €2,000,000 in donations must be generated each year.