Roger Federer Foundation student with textbooks
Roger Federer in a classroom of an African school


  • Education enables children to determine their own future and actively shape it
  • The goal: To reach 1 million children by 2018
  • Children are tomorrow's future

The Roger Federer Foundation aims to enable children living in poverty to take control of their future and actively shape through access to high quality early learning and education. The goal is to maximize the individual potential of each child, build capacities of all relevant stakeholders in education and create opportunities. The Roger Federer Foundation is convinced that such early learning and basic schooling form the basis for the whole education process.

The Roger Federer Foundation’s strategic priority is therefore to support existing but poor services in early childhood care centers, pre-schools and primary schools as well as to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Helping them help themselves. Communities are not provided with hardware, but are empowered to organize the needed resources. The populations involved are supported in resolving problems of content, organization and also finance. To ensure sustained results, the Roger Federer Foundation works only with carefully chosen local organizations in long-term partnership.

In order to be as cost-efficient and cost-effective as possible, the Roger Federer Foundation concentrates on six countries in southern Africa, plus Switzerland.

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