Two boys with jersey from Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
Football project of the UEFA Foundation for Children

Protecting children's rights through sport and football

  • The main objective of the foundation is to promote the basic rights of children
  • The foundation respects, at all times, the beliefs, traditions and customs of the countries where it is active
  • The UEFA Foundation for Children does not discriminate in any way, including on the basis of gender, religious beliefs, political affiliation or social status.

The UEFA Foundation for Children reflecting UEFA’s desire to play a more active role in society. For years, the governing body of European football has been supporting initiatives and programmes that help children in difficult circumstances, working with numerous different partners to develop projects across Europe and beyond. Keen to step up its activities and target them appropriately, UEFA decided to establish an independent foundation that uses sport to support humanitarian projects linked to children’s rights in areas such as health, education and integration.

Solidarity and development assistance, key objectives of the UEFA Foundation for Children, are based on respect for ethical principles. These principles govern the actions of the foundation and all members of its administrative bodies. They also inform the foundation’s dealings with its partners. The foundation aims to help children and safeguard their rights. Sport, and football in particular, can provide support in the areas of health and children’s education, as well as promoting access to sporting activity, facilitating children’s personal development and fostering the integration of minorities.