Viva con Agua boy at a water fountain
Viva con Agua girl at a water fountain
Team of Viva con Agua

Every person worldwide has the right on clean drinking water

  • Diverce & sustainable water projects and campaigns at home and abroad for more joy of life
  • Establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation
  • Driving a social change, true to the vision ALL FOR WATER
  • Art, music and sport as a universal language for activating civil society

Viva con Agua (VcA) de Saint Pauli e.V. is a non-profit organization commited to establish access to clean DRINKING WATER for all humans worldwide. The water projects supported by VcA are sustainable and always include the components of sanitation and hygiene to ensure access to clean drinking water.

VcA strives for a social change, true to their vision ALL FOR WATER!

Through art, music and sport, Viva con Agua is on the road day by day and active people in Germany as well as in the project countries for the global topic of drinking water. This is to show that together we can positively change the world and also have fun!

In all, the work of VcA and project partners has helped more than 2 million people worldwide. In Germany, more than 12,000 people are currently volunteering with joyful actions.

Thousands of supporters are involved in VcA. Many of them even come together to form small and big crews in their cities and work together for clean drinking water. This is more fun than alone and with combined forces small crews can also move properly something.