Mobility as a driver for sustainable development

  • Mobilizing people through The Power of Bicycles
  • Change life positively with bicycles, mobility, movement, knowledge & freedom
  • Advancing development and sustainable change

World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through the Power of Bicycles. The non-profit organization helps people to overcome distances in order to become independent and move their lives forward under their own steam.

The charity is committed to sustainable change and aims to help end poverty in rural developing regions in the long term. It provides people with specially designed, robust and locally assembled bicycles - in places where there is no reliable means of transport. As part of its education program, World Bicycle Relief gives bikes to schoolchildren, and in the health sector, the organization uses them to mobilize caregivers.

Donations from supporters around the world allow for innovative work, delivery of the bicycles, and continuous measurement and improvement of the impact of the programs.

World Bicycle Relief combines sustainable development programs with a social entrepreneurial approach to make bicycles accessible to as many people as possible.