Winner Kay with his wrestling belt Universal Championship title
SmackDown hosts Manu Thiele & Walandi Tsanti at work
Winner Kay with his mother and the two presenters


Exhibition sport, fighting technique and sports entertainment. Wrestling is so much more than "just" a sport. And that's exactly what winner of the WWE campaign, Kay, loves so much.

As a big wrestling and WWE fan for over 8 years, this is why a dream came true for him. Thanks to his donation in favor of the charity campaign "ran-hilft" for the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (Workers' Samaritan Association) and the Ukraine emergency aid, he was allowed to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Pro7 studio in Unterföhring on February 11, 2023.

Together with his mother, he traveled from Stuttgart in Swabia to the Bavarian capital to meet the two WWE SmackDown presenters Manu Thiele & Walandi Tsanti in person in the studio. Already here he could see how the two record the moderation for the upcoming WWE broadcast in the greenbox-exclusive insights that hardly anyone else gets to see.

This was followed by an exclusive tour with great insights behind the scenes of Pro7 through the TV studios with Manu and Walandi. Together they also went to the dubbing of "Smackdown," a U.S. wrestling show hosted by the two in German and broadcast on Pro7 Maxx. Here Kay and his mother were able to see exactly how such a complete production is produced from start to finish: Sound, editing and moderation of the wrestling matches. An unforgettable moment.

At the end of the day, Kay and his mother had lunch together in a Bavarian pub, where they were joined by the two other WWE presenters Sebastian Hackl and Holger Böschen, and the boss of Pro7 Maxx also stopped by for a short visit.

As a special highlight, Kay was presented here with the wrestling belt Universal Championship title with the special plaques "25 years RAW" - a special moment for WWE fan Kay. Together great souvenir photos were taken and a great day full of wrestling highlights came to an end.

We thank you Kay for your donation to the "ran hilft der Ukraine" campaign, which supports the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, which is in daily use for victims of the Ukraine war and provides them with essential relief supplies - in Ukraine, on the run and in Germany.

So donations are rewarded - in all directions!

A very big thank you also from your VIPrize team. We hope you will never forget the experience in the Pro7 Maxx studio.