Winner Theresa with Matthias Dolderer
Theresa together with Matthias in front of his plane
A quick safety check before starting the plane with the happy winner on board


Flying loops, side rolls or roll circles with Red Bull Air Race world champion Matthias Dolderer - this wish came true for our winner Theresa!

On May 22.2021, she and her comapnion took two planes from Neustadt towards her dream experience in Tannheim -the home of Matthias.
Before the flight, Matthias showed her his "hangar" and explained the most important technical data about the aircraft in an exciting small talk.

The closer the flight came, the more nervous she became. As an experienced glider pilot, Theresa was familiar with the basics of flying, but what awaited her during the flight with Matthias could not be compared to anything else.

After a brief safety checkup, they were off to the grass runway - strapped firmly into the seat and equipped with a headset.
Hardly arrived in the air Theresa was allowed to fly her own rolls. A bit hesitant at first, but then more and more self-confident and with unbelievable joy.
Shortly thereafter, Matthias demonstrated his skills and flew various loops, maneuvers, inverted flights, vertical rolls and many other tricks that an air race world champion knows how to do.

Back on the ground, Theresa was exhausted, speechless, but also overjoyed. It was an indescribable experience that she will tell her grandchildren about.

Thanks to Theresa's donation in favor of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, she was not only able to experience an unforgettable day in the air, but also supports an international aid organization that teaches disadvantaged children the values of sport.

Thank you Theresa for your donation, we hope you will always remember your VIPrize experience with Matthias!

If you would also like to support aid organizations, feel free to look around for more campaigns on our platform.

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