Winner Dario and buddy Riccardo at Atatürk Olympiastadium
Impressive show in the stadium before kickoff
Champions League winner Manchester City celebrating their title
Visiting a traditional mosque

Dario and Riccardo experience the 2023 Champions League Final in Istanbul!

As a big Inter Milan fan, Dario and his buddy Riccardo from Speyer had been eagerly awaiting the event!
The adventure began with the first flight for Dario. The two flew from Stuttgart to Istanbul on June 9 and the anticipation was huge.

Arriving in Istanbul, they were greeted by bright sunshine and decided to start the final day with a city tour. They used the hop-on hop-off system to explore the main sights. Not only did they enjoy the impressive atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar and admire the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) and the Hagia Sophia, but they also sampled traditional savory and sweet specialties, giving them a unique taste of Turkish culture.

After the tour, they made a quick stop at the hotel to freshen up before heading to the stadium, the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Excitement was in the air! Before the game started, Dario absolutely had to visit Inter Milan's fan zone. It was a true celebration of colors and emotions, and the lucky winner could hardly hide his pride for his favorite club.

Just before kickoff, an impressive music show began, with Burna Boy, Anitta and Alesso performing. The atmosphere was electrifying and the anticipation for the game reached its peak.

Then it was finally time for the final to begin between Manchester City and Inter Milan. Although Inter Milan gave a great performance, Manchester City was the lucky winner that night. Dario overcame his disappointment quickly, because for him, an absolute dream came true that day. The experience of entering the stadium and experiencing the atmosphere of a Champions League final up close was indescribable.

After the final, it was time for them to say goodbye to Istanbul. On June 11, they started their return flight, with many unforgettable memories in their luggage.

We would like to thank DAZN for their great support, which allowed us to watch the final in all its glory.

The final not only had sporting significance, but was also marked by charity. All participants of the raffle supported the charity organization "Right-to-Play" with the action.