Winner Bernd competes vs. Jens Lehmann in a penalty shootout
Jens Lehmann save penalty
Jens Lehmann and VIPrize winner at Lake Starnberg

The duel: Bernd vs. ex-national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann with fantastic conditions at lake Starnberg

Once against a world-class goalkeeper from the penalty spot. Which football fan does not dream of this unique opportunity. Prove your own skills vs a top professional!

With dreamlike weather and pure anticipation, Bernd and his companion met his idol Jens Lehmann personally for the first time in Starnberg. From the first moment, there was an exuberant mood between the two.

Then it was finally time…Bernd kicked his penalties sovereign, parried even one and could finally decide the duel for themselves. Hats off! Because Jens had lost the bet to go out as a winner, the fair loser had to do 25 push-ups.

Afterwards they went to a common lunch in a fantastic location at lake Starnberg. Here, Bernd had enough time to ask the former world-class goalkeeper everything he always wanted to know.

At the end of this sporty and unforgettable day, Bernd went back home - happy and of course with lots of cool souvenir photos!

Bernd’s and all the other participants‘ donations went to the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which aims to support disadvantaged children and young people in their personal development and thereby to exert a positive influence on society. Through the power of sport, children should believe in themselves again, pursue their goals, overcome setbacks and take their lives into their own hands.

Thank you Bernd for your support for a good cause!

With your donation, you have made a major contribution and helped children and teenagers to smile again.