DKMS LIFE cancer patient with headgear
DKMS LIFE cosmetic seminar for cancer patients
DKMS LIFE Lena Gercke at the make-up class

Give girls and women with cancer new joy of live and a strengthened self-confidence

  • look good feel better - DKMS LIFE's free cosmetic seminars help cancer patients to see themselves again and gain new courage to live.

The idea of DKMS LIFE is quite simple: "feeling good" strengthens the self-esteem feeling and that in turn promotes the healing process and thus the health. The situation in reality: Those who need the most urgent healing are often lacking in feeling of well-being.

Cancer leaves traces: Especially children and young adults, who are still in the development of personality, suffer from the external changes/effects/consequences.

This is where DKMS LIFE starts: the free patient program "look good feel better" helps cancer patients to see themselves and not just the cancer in the mirror. Through professional tips for facial care and make-up, as well as the topic of head covering, the affected persons are supported to win back their self-esteem and their joy of life.

The motto of building a new quality of life and thus gaining new courage for life is "help for self-help": to feel more comfortable through good looks.

Since 2006 the Charity Gala dreamball takes place annually in Berlin. Under the motto "Dreams make courage", DKMS LIFE invites to continue to give new life and a strengthened self-confidence to girls and women with cancer.