v.l. Gewinnerin Sylvia, Gerald Asamoah, Marc (Mann von Sylvia)
Wow - Toller Spendenerlös der Gala der Herzen!
Unsere VIPrize-Gewinner mit dem deutschen Rapper Eko Fresh


Being part of a real gala, get dressed up and meet top stars?

For Sylvia and her husband, this wish came true - thanks to their donation for the Gerald Asamoah Foundation, which supports children with heart disease, they were both invited to attend Asamoah's Charity Gala and spent an unforgettable evening there!

Equipped with 2 VIP tickets, our lucky winners went to the soap factory Dr. Ing. Thompson's in Düsseldorf, this year's location of the gala. Leader through the evening was Patrice Bouedibela, known as a MTV moderator.

At the introducing champaign reception Sylvia and her husband finally met the host and their idol Gerald Asamoah, who received them warmly! Sylvia, who also shows a lot of engagement for children with heart disease, was incredibly happy to finally meet her star in person! Of course, there was enough time to take many great souvenir photos and enjoy delicious food and drinks for free!

Of course a great gala includes some great live acts, and then there were quite a few: Apart from Makeda, candidate of the ESC qualifier in 2019, "Who's Amy" and EKO FRESH as special guest, our two VIPs Sylvia and her husband also met Ex football pros like Kevin Kuranyi and Hans Sarpei!

What was particularly enjoyable was the generosity of the guests of the gala: donations of 100,000 € were taken that evening.

What a wonderful event that will not be forgotten by Sylvia and her husband!

We say thank you to Sylvia for your engagement! With your donation to the Gerald Asamoah Foundation, you have set a great example!