VIPrize winner Franziska and the Lochis
Part of the first scene
Meet and Greet

On the movie set with the Lochis

Our winner Franziska enjoyed her prize, a day on the film set for the Movie "Takeover". Main actor the Lochis!

Franziska is a groupie of the Lochis and visited already a lot of concerts.

A next highlight for Franziska in 2019 will be the concert in Dortmund, which is part of the farewell tour of these guys.

But not only the shooting day was a big experience. Besides Franziska won a supporting role in the movie "Takeover ".

Her part will be in the beginning of the movie. In one of the first scenes Franziska listens to the street musician Danny and will be seen on the big cinema screen.

6 hours later two scenes were shot. Meanwhile, Franziska had the possibility to say hello to the total movie team.
Franziska recognized that a production of a movie is much more than it looks like.

After wrapping Franziska met Heiko and Roman. They spent a lot of time with Franziska. Franziska shed some tears of joy meanwhile pictures were taken and autographs written.

A big thank you to all donors and to the whole Lochis team for this great event!