Girl jumping in the air - Tribute to Bambi Foundation
Ambassador of the Tribute to Bambi Foundation


  • Helping explain issues and create awareness
  • Help for children in serious need
  • Engaging in long-term, sustained change

The idea for the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI foundation stems from thinking about helping children in need by using the media interest in the BAMBI media prize, and was initiated in 2001. The foundation furthers aid projects for children and young people throughout Germany, drawing attention to issues which get too little mention in society as a whole.

Germany is one of the world’s richest countries - yet, for a host of reasons, far too many children and young people live on the verge of society. The TRIBUTE TO BAMBI foundation wants to help explain why, and create awareness. For instance, of the more than two million children living below the poverty level. Of the 60,000 young people who leave school with no qualification. Of the 500,000 children with mentally ill parents. Or the three million children suffering from rare diseases for which there is no suitable therapy.

The TRIBUTE TO BAMBI foundation uses its charity contributions to promote other non-profit-making charitable organizations and also acts as their spokesman. The foundation does not just want to give one-off financial support, but also to bring about long-term change. So, in selecting its project partners, it always takes into account socially relevant issues, including issues that are taboo.